Thank you so much for your interest in volunteering with us. We simply cannot do this work without people like you being willing to give your time and energy in the name of justice. Below are some roles we anticipate needing throughout the life of the organization, but we’re always open to hearing new ideas if you them.

First responders

We currently receive 10-12 letters per week from inmates seeking our assistance and we aim to respond to each in a timely manner. These letters aren’t simply words on pages; in many cases they represent an ounce of hope for someone wrongfully convicted. Respecting that, we would like each and every person who writes to us to receive a handwritten letter from Proclaim Justice letting them know that we received their correspondence and what to expect next. First responders will help us get those letters out.

Case workers

Responsibilities for this position may include: reading case files and investigative reports, potentially interacting with clients and their attorneys, and helping with ongoing strategy.  Generally, experience in the criminal justice world (e.g. attorneys, investigators, legal advocates, reporters, etc.) is a requirement for this position.

Electronic communications

Responsibilities for this position may include:  designing email event invitations; developing and maintaining a dynamic, visible blog; maintaining a strong social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, etc .  This position is ideal for anyone with a passion for communications and social media.


Like most non-profit start-ups, we have to demonstrate an ongoing ability to meet our current needs and grow into what we want to become.  For this position, we are looking for volunteers with development experience who would like to be a part of creating and executing our development plan.

Student volunteers

If you are a student and wish to receive credit hours for your volunteer work, we will do our best to fulfill your school’s requirements.

Please note: due to insurance purposes as well as the sensitive nature of certain organizational information, Proclaim Justice is required to run criminal background checks on and obtain non-disclosure agreements from all employees and volunteers.

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