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Tees for Tim

Thursday, December 7
Have we mentioned how stoked we are that our friend Tim is being released soon?! Tim will come out with a big support system around him, but he will have a lot of needs. We would like to help him ...
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Tim Howard is one step closer to freedom!

Wednesday, November 22
We just got the best Thanksgiving news! I (John) got a call this morning from Tim, letting me know that late yesterday the Arkansas Parole Board has granted his parole. Tim is a completely innocent man who has ...
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Books and letters for Tim

Tuesday, February 2
Exciting news! Tim has started a blog to let you get to know him a little more. He is doing well overall, despite the recent disappointing news from the parole board. His blog is a chance for people ...
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Injustice in Arkansas

Monday, November 16
Today the Arkansas Board of Pardons and Parole denied parole for Tim Howard. Needless to say, we are heartbroken. Tim ...
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Tim Howard should soon be free!

Friday, May 15
(Photo: Brian Chilson, Arkansas Times) After spending almost 15 years on death row in Arkansas and another 2 years in ...
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Tim Howard

Wednesday, August 6
Tim Howard was sentenced to death for the 1998 murders in Ashdown, AR of Brian Day, his best friend, and ...
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Visiting Tim in Ashdown

Saturday, March 8
I had a great visit with Tim on Thursday night. His move to county jail has been a challenging transition ...
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A Wealthy Man on Death Row

Wednesday, December 11
Tim describes what makes him wealthy, despite being on death row.
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New Trial Ordered for Tim Howard!

Tuesday, October 29
Wonderful news out of Arkansas today! Here’s a brief summary, written by our friend Mara Leveritt: NEW TRIAL ORDERED FOR ...
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A Welcome to Death Row

Monday, September 30
One result of inmates being out of site and out of mind to almost all of free society is we ...
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