Ryan Byrd

Ryan is a founding partner and lead designer at Perch, a web design and development shop based in Little Rock, Arkansas. Perch worked alongside the Proclaim Justice founders to conceptualize, strategize and execute the branding and online presence for Proclaim Justice. While they spend much of their time working in the for-profit sector, they have a special heart for non-profits and they’re proud to be a part of the mission of Proclaim Justice.

Prior to founding Perch, Ryan started a number of faith communities in Kentucky and Arkansas. These faith communities centered around social justice causes, particularly amongst local homeless communities and fostering relationships with the imprisoned. Ryan is a graduate of the University of Central Arkansas, with a degree in Fine Arts, as well as Asbury Theological Seminary, where he received a Masters in Theology. He is proud to call Little Rock home where he lives with his wife, Christen, and 3 children; Lucy, Olive and Max.