Doug Haas

Doug has over 50 years of investigative experience including 30 years in law enforcement and 20 years as a private investigator. He was the director of a federal, state and local organized crime task force for 10 years.  He was also the director of the Broward Sheriff’s Office Department of Organized Crime and is a retired captain from the Fort Lauderdale Police Department. He has an expertise in complex investigations, police procedures, interrogation and interview techniques, terrorism and homicide investigations.

As a private investigator, Mr. Haas has been engaged by defense attorneys and clients to assist their defense team in both federal and state cases. He has successfully directed the defense in  homicide, narcotics and complex fraud investigations. He has conducted criminal and civil investigations throughout the United States, Europe and Canada.

He joined Proclaim Justice as a staff investigator and member of the board of directors in July 2015.