Danny Waxler

Danny began his investigative career in Miami, Florida, in 1995. As an accomplished criminal defense investigator, research specialist and expert interviewer, Waxler returned to his home state of Texas in 2000. His investigative proficiency in relation to felonious crimes has also been instrumental in the dismissal of charges and  in the exoneration of numerous individuals once facing serious criminally charged offenses.

Danny’s firm regularly conducts investigations involving criminal defense and exoneration cases; missing persons and juvenile runaways; asset searches and heir locates; premise liability and defense; plaintiff suits; piracy, counterfeit goods, and currency; federal whistleblower and whistleblower defense investigations; and federal and state appellate/post conviction cases. While industry specializations are common in the investigative field, his diverse collection of investigative experiences offer a voluminous group of clients a superior level of expertise to accommodate their individual needs.

Danny and his business partner Doug wanted to lend their skills to innocence investigations so he joined Proclaim Justice in June 2015.