Chris Ochoa, Esq.

In 1989, Chris and his friend Richard Danziger were convicted of the 1998 rape and murder of Nancy DePriest in Austin, TX. His conviction was the result of a false confession that he gave to police after many hours of interrogation during which police threatened him and lied to him. Chris was given a life sentence. After years of maintaining his innocence, letters from Achim Marino were sent to the Austin Police Department, district attorney’s office, and others stating that he had committed the crime. DNA testing later confirmed that Chris and Richard were innocent and Marino was in fact the true perpetrator. Thanks to the Wisconsin Innocence Project and several others, Chris won his exoneration in 2002. After his release, Chris moved to Wisconsin and earned a bachelor’s degree as well as a law degree from the University of Wisconsin. He offers a unique perspective and is an important adviser to Proclaim Justice.