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If you are an innocent person in prison or if you have a friend or family member who has been wrongly convicted, odds are you have suffered this injustice for over a decade now. Do not lose hope. We review every submission letter mailed to us, but please understand we are a small organization with limited resources. Please click to see how to submit your case and what information we are looking for in your initial correspondence.

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Current Cases

Read client stories, examine some case files, and stay on top of where their cases are at. In addition to these, we have several cases in different stages of development.

Daniel Villegas

In April 1993, in El Paso, Texas, Daniel Villegas was only 16 years when he was arrested and later convicted of a double murder he did not commit. Without the ...
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Tim Howard

Tim Howard was sentenced to death for the 1998 murders in Ashdown, AR of Brian Day, his best friend, and Day’s wife Shanon Day, who was also a close friend. ...
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Case Submission Info

How does Proclaim Justice determine which cases to take

We review every case that is submitted to us exactly and completely as we have outlined here. We then begin an internal process in which a number of factors are considered before we determine whether or not we can put resources into a particular case.