Great news from the TX CCA

Update (12/20/2013) – Daniel’s bond hearing was postponed due to a technicality. It will most likely be January 14, 2013. We’re disappointed he won’t be home for Christmas, but things are still on track. 

Yesterday the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals issued a ruling vacating Daniel’s 1993 murder conviction! This is outstanding news for Daniel. He has a bond hearing tomorrow at 10:00 and we’re hopeful he will be released at that time. El Paso County District Attorney Jaime Esparza will determine whether or not to refile the charges against Daniel, but for now this ruling is cause for celebration! This one hits especially close to home for us at Proclaim Justice because one of our board members, John Mimbela, has been Daniel’s chief advocate throughout this process. His willingness to give time, money, energy, and emotion in his dogged pursuit of justice for Daniel has been an inspiration to us all.

Here are some links to media reports covering the story. We’ll update as more roll in:

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