Books and letters for Tim

Exciting news! Tim has started a blog to let you get to know him a little more. He is doing well overall, despite the recent disappointing news from the parole board. His blog is a chance for people to get to know him a little better. Our friend and fellow cohort in justice-seeking Mara Leveritt is hosting it on her website. You can email him questions from there as well.

If you’re more inclined to write letters, Tim is eager to hear from you that way. He finds it cathartic to write letters, so he asked me to pass along to you all that he will write you back. We will make sure he has plenty of stamps and paper! Here’s the address:

Tim Howard #160909
Arkansas Department of Corrections
P.O. Box 600
Grady, AR 71644-0600

Lastly, as Tim stated in his blog post, he is a reader. Here is an Amazon wish list for him. He’d love you forever if you purchase a book for him. The list will be updated as he goes through books.

All of these things (blog, emails, letters, books) will give him some comfort until we can get him out!