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Bias in Jury Deliberations: A Discussion of Pena-Rodriguez

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Judge Medrano: Villegas confession illegally obtained

Thursday, November 6
On Tuesday, November 4th, Judge Sam Medrano ruled on Daniel’s motion to suppress his confession at his trial. He confirmed what we’ve known all along: Daniel’s confession was illegally obtained and is therefore inadmissible. His ruling is¬†devastating to ...
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Pre-hearing rally for Daniel Villegas

Tuesday, October 14
Against public opinion and with no regard to the truth or justice, El Paso County DA Jaime Esparza continues to haunt an innocent man! Although District Judge Sam Medrano has already ruled Daniel Villegas innocent and the Texas ...
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Visiting Tim in Ashdown

Saturday, March 8
I had a great visit with Tim on Thursday night. His move to county jail has been a challenging transition after having the same routine  for so many years on death row. There are new sights, sounds, and ...
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Great news from the TX CCA

Thursday, December 19
Update (12/20/2013) – Daniel’s bond hearing was postponed due to a technicality. It will most likely be January 14, 2013. ...
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A Wealthy Man on Death Row

Wednesday, December 11
Tim describes what makes him wealthy, despite being on death row.
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New Trial Ordered for Tim Howard!

Tuesday, October 29
Wonderful news out of Arkansas today! Here’s a brief summary, written by our friend Mara Leveritt: NEW TRIAL ORDERED FOR ...
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A Welcome to Death Row

Monday, September 30
One result of inmates being out of site and out of mind to almost all of free society is we ...
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Escaping the reality of solitary through stories

Thursday, September 19
Inmates housed on Arkansas’s death row are held in solitary confinement, forced to remain in their cells for 23 hours ...
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Self Reflection Behind Bars

Thursday, August 29
Most victims of wrongful conviction that I have met recall first being in disbelief about their situation. Following that is ...
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